Urban Hangover 6 is now Recess Mexico!
How much is Urban Hangover 6?
When is this Getaway?
Do I have to have a Passport?
Who actually goes on this trip?
What does ALL-INCLUSIVE really mean?
Can I sign up now even though my roommates aren’t ready to sign up just yet?
Can I make money off of this trip?
How much do I have to put down now when I sign up and if I want to jump on the installment plan?
What if I don’t have a roommate but I’m open to having one?


Can I just buy “Party Passes” for the each of the parties for Weekend If I already have my own accommodations?
What if I can’t go and have to cancel due to an family emergency, work requirement, or any issue after I have paid on my trip? Can I transfer/sell my trip and the money I have paid to a friend or another person?
What if my roommate isn’t ready to sign up but I/We still want to reserve a room?
Can I pay more money than the suggested monthly or just pay it off entirely?
Do all my roommates have to register at the same time?
Can I pay and register my roommate(s)?
Do you all provide transportation from the airport to and from the hotel?
How much is the URBAN HANGOVER 6 Getaway?
How much are extra nights (Wednesday, Thursday, Monday & Tuesday?)
Does this trip include all the parties?
What exactly does my money get me on this trip?
Can I stay extra days?
What is the installment schedule?
Are there credit card processing fees?
Are there late fees?
Can I pay for my trip in full?
What if my roommate doesn’t have their money to register yet?
Can I get an airline discount?
What is the Refund-Policy?
What if an emergency comes up and I can’t attend the trip?
Does my deposit count towards my trip?
Do you offer an installment plan?
How does the payment/installment plan work?
Do you keep my credit card information on file after that trip is over?
Can I pay off my trip at any time?
What do I need to buy for the trip?
Can I bring my children on this trip?
Do I need any extra money?
Does everything happen at the hotel?
What is the Motto of the trip?